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The “District 5 Heroes” event allows the East San Jose community to celebrate our everyday heroes. We’re sharing everyday hero stories provided by community members just like you. On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 District 5 United will celebrate and recognize our local heroes. 

District 5 United is celebrating the accomplishments and good work that is happening all around our community.

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The following Heroes were recognized in 2014:

Julie Ramirez has been a tireless volunteer at Linda Vista Elementary, Renaissance Academy and Independence High School.  She is an unflagging advocate and volunteer for the Alum Rock Jazz Program.  Julie and her husband, Len, led the community effort to carve Fleming Park out of an overly-dense housing development in the Fleming neighborhood.  Julie is upbeat, enthusiastic and a friend to all.  She personifies volunteering in East San Jose!

Olga Madera is the President of the Dorsa Neighborhood Association and has been an instrumental leader in her community. For over 10 years, she has worked endlessly towards strengthening her community by leading a variety of community projects that include but are not limited to community clean ups, toy drives, and safety walks. She is a fierce leader, who advocates on behalf of her community and ensures that the needs of her community members are recognized as a priority. Olga has served on a variety of community forums and committees that have benefited from her experience and leadership. Her grass root efforts have involved the participation of her entire family and together they help lead the needs of the Dorsa Neighborhood. Olga, is describe by her peers as a kind, confident, and an understanding individual who helps find the leader in each and every member of her community. For her strengths, achievements, and for moving a progressive change in the Dorsa Community, I nominate Olga Madera as a District 5 Hero in San Jose!

Helen Garza is a proud native of the East Side of San Jose and a proud graduate of San Jose High School. Helen is a hard worker and with a strong work ethic that began picking the fruit from the orchards that were once located in her community. After many obstacles, Helen was able to thrive and pursue a career in education.  Her passion in strengthening the lives in her community is what lead her to establish the Plata Arroyo Neighborhood Association in 1974.  Her leadership and grassroots efforts lead the development and construction of Plata Arroyo Park.  Helens passion and dedication in improving the lives of others is evident in her work. Recently, the Santa Clara County Voters of Registration recognized her for allowing her home to be used as a central site for voters to receive information and exercise their right to vote. Helen is a strong believer of deeds over words and is not afraid of reminding policy makers of the critical needs of her community members.  She continues to be a sweet and passionate advocate for every member in San Jose. For her passion, dedication, and leadership, I nominate Helen Garza as a District 5 Hero in San Jose!

Guadalupe Gonzalez is a leader in the Mayfair neighborhood. She is a caring person as well she helps the community by helping and empowering the residents by getting them informed and providing education and resources available and  connect them with the providing agencies that will help them with their needs. Also is helping the less unfortunate by donating food and helping to bring the monthly distribution of food.
Guadalupe Gonzalez she is someone who gives 100 % of her time to the community as well as her family, she is a full time mom,and she has five daughters and a husband that she gives all her love to them, as she gives all her love and support to her community because she cares about the community where she lives. Guadalupe Gonzalez will fight to make her community a healthier, strong, safer and better place to live because she sees the community as her family.
Guadalupe Gonzalez she see the community as one big family and we need to be there for our family when they need our help, no matter what, because she treats her community as one community where there is no difference for any one.
She was a leader in the Mayfair Community since 1996 when she got involved at Cesar Chavez School as the PTA President and later at The Mayfair Initiative Improvement as Chair and starts advocating for the beautification and improvement of the neighborhood. A good quality education, and low and affordable housing. Brought programs and projects to the community as: Tierra Encantada & Mayfair Court Apartments both on Mc Creery Ave and also  San Antonio Court Apartments on San Antonio Street .
She also helps with her leadership and commitment to advocate for our New Mayfair Community Center with the new swimming pool, Fitness room, and the Master Hall, also an water splash park , skate board park, a child day care, and the new playground park.
Guadalupe Gonzalez was the founder for the Mayfair NAC in 2005, as Chair for the Board of Directors  she was able to bring new improvements to the neighborhood  as part of the 10 Top Priorities selected by the  resident of the Mayfair Community as: Bring new street lights and renovate the old ones in the neighborhood (total of 89)and change the old lights to LED lights on EACH ONE  of the street lights in the Mayfair neighborhood.
2)  New Traffic lights ( 1 on Scharff & San Antonio, and 1 on San Antonio & Sunset Ave with a left turn arrow sign). Bring up to code ALL the corner ramps for Disable People  and strollers on the whole neighborhood. Put some elevated bricks on the corners of Cesar Chavez & Lee Mathson Schools to slow down the traffic. Change to a NEW Bridge at the end of Kammerer Ave for Pedestrians only to cross thru the creek. Renovate, reinforce and widening the walls of the creek to prevent the neighborhood with flooding. A cross walk with flashing lights on San Antonio Street .
She also advocates for good quality education as number one priority for the top 10. Help to bring Rocketship Charter Schools ( Si Se Puede, Los Suenos and Fuerza Community Prep), for the parents to have more choices for the education of their Kids.. As well to help with the funding and advocating for ACE Empower Middle School,  ACE Arts Middle School and ACE High School.
Also  putting the countdown boxes on EVERY and ALL the traffic lights on the neighborhood. Help the Cesar Chaves School to implement the crossing guard program and bring more resources to improve the literacy programs. Under her leadership she was able to organize and get funding to numerous community events with a great and overwhelming success as: National Night Out ( As one with the biggest attendance and participation of community People for D-5 District in San Jose CA for the last 2 consecutive years). The Harvest Festival/Halloween, Spring Fling Eggs Hunting/Easter, Christmas Festival , Family Movie Nights during Summer, Thanksgiving Seniors Dinner, numerous Litter and Clean-ups in the neighborhood and surrounding community, numerous Community forums and as well monthly community meeting to maintain the neighborhood informed.
For all of her hard work and efforts she puts in her community Guadalupe Gonzalez is my hero.

teensReach is the youth council for the San José Public Library. The council provides a key way for young adults to build their leadership skills by developing and participating in library activities, as well as becoming library advisors and advocates. Members are recruited from the community and participate through chapters at local branch libraries.
The Alum Rock community has been fortunate to have an active teensReach group that has worked hard these past few years to provide the community with wonderful programming!  Some of the activities teensReach has been involved in include: volunteering at our Summer Reading Celebration registration table, helping out at the Library’s book sales, reading to children in our Reading Buddies program, helping with library craft programs and being active contributors to the library’s annual Birthday, Halloween and Santa celebrations.  These teens use their artistic and organizational skills to create various carnival games from scratch, including activity cards, prizes and face painting.  Besides the hours involved in planning and implementing, most impressive is their welcoming and inclusive attitude with the Alum Rock community participating in library programs.  These teens, individually and as a group represent excellent role models for our community and it would be nice for
the group to be recognized.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and we hope to recruit more teensto take their place as they finish high school and move forward with their community activism.
To join teensReach you must be 13-18 years of age, have a strong interest in the library, enjoy working with people of all ages and cultures, and be willing to learn new skills. Membership requires regular attendance at meetings, participation in and support of library activities and events, and a sense of fun and adventure. As a bonus, teensReach members can earn community service hours through participation in meetings and activities.


District 5 Heroes 2015

Alum Rock Library

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015



District 5 Heroes
District 5 Heroes


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